Laken whitecliffe

brooklyn mural:

This mural was located inside my apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It is a homage to a favorite musician Biggie Smalls (A.K.A Notorious B.I.G) who's music follow from the surroundings of the Borough of Brooklyn. Dripping from the fingers is the silhouette of the NYC skyline. Scenes from time spent with friends is also featured throughout. Music credits to Juicy Insane by B.I.G. flume. Jaime Franchina & Jeremy Smith. My first attempt at editing my own work.


While studying at Montclair State University in New Jersey under the tutorage of Julie Heffernan I undertook a mural project on a exterior wall of the art building on campus. Julie gave me free range on the massive outdoor wall on which I composed a mural depicting my longing for home and family. With the tools of perspective I lined up the surrounding tree with the landscape within the mural. Music and video editing credits to Jono Das of Motion Sickness Studio.    

Canada Roadtrip

Bonnaroo Road trip

June 2015 I set out on a adventure around the world, spanning five continents. I started by driving across America, leaving from Brooklyn my first major stop was Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, in Manchester Tennessee. Here I painted a mural of Sir Ian Mckellen's Gandalf from the Lord of The Rings. I shared this coast to coast journey with a great bunch of mates who's backs I painted withe eagle wings. Music credits for this Video go to Gramatik, one of the best acts at the festival with the track "Muy Tranquilo"

After road tripping the USA I drove up to Whistler  and made my way across Canada to Montreal. I did a mural on an derailed train wreck by the Cheakamus river in Whistler and painted Lake Louise in Alberta. Theres also snippets of my encounters with Canada's Wildlife, adventure sports and hiking up the Rockies. Music by Mt Eden "Oh That I had"

West Coast USA

Once I made it across to Los Angeles I painted a mural at my friends house near Venice Beach. Following that I ventured on to camp at Yosemite National Park, and Big Sur Via the Pacific Coast Highway. The Music Credits go to Sticky Fingers, who's music was the sound of my summer, with the track "How to Fly".

Laken Paints a Table

Laken paints a table in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, California.Music by Jono Das.

Posted by Laken Whitecliffe Art on Monday, July 22, 2013

Looking forward to showing you my work on Thursday at my solo show in Hoboken. This is a little video to get you excited for my show. Its of a mural I did at MSU last year. Music and editing by Jono Das. See you at Paul Vincent Gallery Thursday night!

Posted by Laken Whitecliffe Art on Tuesday, September 16, 2014

some collaborations I have worked with so far: 

Process Videos:

This is a new avenue for me, in regards to presenting my work to a wider audience then those who see it in person. As much of my work is becoming site specific I have started to document my work Via Videos. I feel they give another creative dimension and insight to the work and my process. This video was made by talented mate Jono Das, when I visited him in Santa Barbara, 2012. It was a lot of fun to make and a great place to visit, he is a musician/film maker for Motion sickness Studio and made the track on this video. This has inspired me to get a camera and start filming and collaborating with musicians, Hopefully there will be some more videos to come.